Writings are purposed to ensure a shared understanding between the writer and the audience; it is important that every word transitions a reader from one thought to the other. Technical writing is a specialised writing that constructively embraces a large extent of terms, concepts that are usually complex but made easy for the readers to digest the information. Technical writings are done in simple and easy to understand formats so that the purpose of the writing would not be defeated.  Technical Writings encompass large varieties of structures surrounding the technical communication world. Registry cleaner tool is necessary in scanning through the PC to solve any potential problems in the computer. It is a tool used to rid PC’S of Facebook crashes; another reason for a crash.

The writer encodes and disseminates information to the audience, He or she is expected to be adept in the areas of data presentation; sampling, probabilistic reasoning. It’s one thing to have a strong command of English, it’s another thing to vividly cater for the audience needs as demographic. Elements of a good technical writing will constitutes a targeted audience, Outlined Content or message. The audience ends the chain, they received the produced thoughts of a sometimes anonymous or pseudonym generated writer. They determine publicity and their feedbacks keep the writing on shelves. When selecting audience range, it all depends on the topic. Lets take for example, a writing on the holocaust that substantially claimed the lives of million would be a gory image for a seven year old. Enough to scar a child.

Audience must be fully considered; there are two main types of audiences, intended and general audience.  Technical terms as I mentioned earlier are complex to understand and there’s a need for the writer to assemble his or her thoughts in a manner that can be absorbed by the intended audience. Ultimately, the need to fix the Facebook crashes will result a user to various mediums but there should be necessary checks on the PC before the user ventures into inconsequential stringent processes by going all the way to a technician.  Since the PC is user friendly, the Facebook crashes can be easily fixed and decoded by a non-technician. Would be the inability of the PC to relate or read the settings of the registry and as to how the registry connects with the PC. This definition is adapted from Techopedia but it is revised.

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